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2016 TransAlta Grandstand Show Dazzles with ‘Grand Spectacular’


Well folks, we’ve passed the halfway mark and are officially headed into the final days of Stampede 2016. With just four days to go, now is the time to get to work on checking off the remaining boxes of your Stampede to-do list. And if the 2016 TransAlta Grandstand Show wasn’t already on there, we highly recommend you add it to the top!


With more than a hundred years now under its belt, the Stampede decided to go back to its roots at this year’s show by revisiting the story of The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Stampede Founder, Guy Weadick. This year’s show began with a tribute to Weadick, acknowledging his passion and determination to make the Stampede a spectacular success year after year. Parallel with this storyline, the 2016 show has been aptly titled ‘Grand Spectacular’.




Grandstand host, Annika Odegard, then kicked things into high gear with the help of the very talented Young Canadians, hitting the stage with a colourful, glamorous number – flying drummers included. The pride of the Urkraine, slack rope artist Tatiana Kundyk, then awed the crowd, performing unparalleled feats of balance with her one-woman routine.



The always-charming junior members of the Young Canadians were up next to steal the hearts of everyone watching with a tribute to the Stampede midway – carousel and cotton candy included.

A few moments later and the audience was being wowed by the antics of the Cat Wall Acrobats, who sent themselves soaring effortlessly above the stage with the help of two trampolines.


Without giving away the entire farm, we’ll simply allude to the show-stopping acts that followed. Alberta Ballet and the Young Canadians made a splash paying homage to Prince’s Purple Rain, roughneck oil workers lit a spark in a fiery competition, and the one and only Jade Kindar-Martin took to the sky on a flaming tightrope.




A few motorcycle flips and tricks (courtesy of the Extreme Dream Team) later, and the entire Young Canadians cast brought things to a truly spectacular conclusion under the dazzling lights of the grandstand’s firework finale.


All we can say is this year’s show has got it all (waterworks, fireworks – all the works really). Both grand and spectacular, we recommend that everyone end at least one night this Stampede with a trip to the grandstand show, which truly delivers to Guy Weadick’s three rules about throwing a party – 1. It’s gotta be big, 2. It’s gotta be big, and 3. It’s gotta be big!


Erica Morgan
Erica Morgan
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