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5 Easy Ways to Make Money During Calgary Stampede Week


Ok so Calgary Stampede is just around the corner and we know how you’ve all saved and penny pinched and stole from your grandmother to get in on it, but did you know you can also make a little bit of moola during these amazing 10 days? Here’s how:

Rent your house or room out
Popular sites, Airbnb, VRBO and even Kijiji are great places to put your pad up for rent for a few nights during the Stampede*. Why not! You’ve got friends, family or an office to stay in, right? Why not make a little spending money letting someone else sleep in your bed.

Work at Cowboys (or any of the tents really)
We’ve heard the stories. You’ve heard them too. And they’re true. Gals and guys can make an easy killing at any of the top bars, clubs and tents in town. Upwards of $10,000 if you’re good enough. Lots of places are currently hiring so polish that resume, wear a great shirt and smile. You’re hired.

Take your bottles back
At the end of the glorious ten days we call Stampede Week, take a look at all those bottles you’ve accumulated from Stampede parties and breakfasts and fireside chats and return them to the Depot. Easy peasy.

Offer rides for tips*
Haven’t really seen this yet, which surprises the hell out of us. Post an ad, tap in to Social Media, whatever it takes to advertise your people-toting service. Use your vehicle, motorcycle, RV, rickshaw, skateboard and you’re golden. No one will want to wait 2 hrs for a Calgary taxi anyway. You’re welcome.

Sell old Stampede paraphernalia
Over 1 million people flock to the city from out of town and many are itching to get their hands on some great Stampede swag. If you’re like us and have a pile of it in your storage room after years of Stampeding, list it on Kijiji, Ebay or Craigslist with a good story and some pics. Bingo-bango!

*Note: we’re not endorsing any of these companies (unless any of them would like us to!) and recommend caution if attempting any of these ideas. Happy Stampeding!

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