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A Recipe for Recovery

cowboyWe’ve all lived through the throes of a bad Stampede hangover that begins with that terrible cotton ball mouth, a twisted stomach and utter confusion as to why you slept with your cowboy boots. This is just the beginning of a bad morning. From there, you’re left to put the pieces of your night back together or do that walk of shame back home during which you’ll question your poor life choices.

While the obvious way to avoid this terrible moment is to add water in between each drink or to cut yourself off early, we all know this probably isn’t going to happen during Stampede so here’s a few things that will make the morning after a little more pleasant.


To get your system working again, you need to rehydrate and replenish your nutrients. If you’re stomach is still doing somersaults then start with something simple and filling. While crackers are always a safe option, honey sandwiches are highly recommended as the first meal of the day.

 Anything Fizzy

Alka Selzer, ENO or a good old-fashioned coca cola will do the trick. The bubbles will settle your stomach, the liquid will help the rehydration process and the caffeine that comes in many soda pops will give you a gentle jolt to get moving.


If you’re able to handle a bit more than toast, then head to your favourite morning haunt or pancake breakfast to load up on grease. Runny eggs, hash browns and thick cut bacon is the nectar of the Stampede gods. If you wash this down with an orange juice you should be on the mend in no time.

 Tiger Balm

The pounding headache can be the worst part about a hangover. If the painkillers aren’t doing the trick then pick up a bottle of Tiger Balm and rub a small amount on your temples. The soothing and cooling effects of the herbs in this balm will bring you temporary bliss from feeling like the world is using your head as a drum kit.

 Hair of the Dog

When in doubt, drink it out. A spicy Caesar, Baileys and coffee or orange juice spiked with vodka are the cocktails of choice to get you back in the party mood. 

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