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Amber Approved Brings a Healthy Option to Stampede Breakfast

…And how to stay healthy on the Stampede Grounds.

If diet sensitivities cause the typical Stampede Breakfast to leave you clutching your stomach, but you indulge anyway because you just can’t bear to miss out, you’re going to be thrilled to learn about Calgary’s healthiest Stampede Breakfast!

The Amber Approved Stampede Breakfast is running its third annual breakfast this year on July 13, hosted by Hotel Arts. Amber Romaniuk is the founder and Holistic Nutritionist at Amber Approved, a company that’s committed to helping people find success in any area of their lives where they struggle with food; from emotional eating to digestive issues. With the help of the Hotel Arts team, Amber has brought the concept of a locally-sourced, gluten and sugar-free Stampede Breakfast to life.

The Amber Approved Stampede Breakfast is a (very) happy place for anyone who’s on a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, vegan or paleo diet; or for those who just prefer to eat organic, local food.

When the healthy Stampede Breakfast idea jokingly came up in conversation with Hotel Arts, Amber recalls thinking, “Actually, I’d love to do that for the gluten-free and dairy-free community.” So when the Chefs at Hotel Arts jumped on board to create the perfect menu, they excitedly teamed up to launch the first event in 2014. “People come up to me each year and thank me because they can finally enjoy a Stampede Breakfast without the stomach ache!”

What will you find at the breakfast this year? Just a few of the items on the menu include maple-glazed pork belly, a gluten-free cinnamon & coconut mini donut (with authentic white paper bags and all!), carrot cake pancakes with coconut whip cream, smoothies, local eggs, cold-pressed juice, kombucha, teas, infused water and SO much more.



If this breakfast already has you drooling, don’t wait to get your tickets! They’re expecting to sell out once again this year. You can find them at

Each year the Amber Approved Stampede Breakfast also raises money for important local causes through a silent auction. This year the proceeds will be divided equally between Meals on Wheels and Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief. The silent auction will be full of amazing donations from a variety of local businesses. 

Stampede in Calgary is most often the time when we throw our summer healthy-eating intentions and (somewhat) daily workout routines to the wind! There’s just way too much to do, eat and drink. If you’re excited for this year’s Stampede but don’t want to sacrifice your health to have fun, check out Amber’s top tips for staying healthy on the grounds.

1. Stay Hydrated

It really does go without saying, but it’s still worth saying! It’s so easy to find yourself at the grounds after a few hours of sun or a couple of beer garden drinks and realize you’re probably dehydrated.  Avoid the headache and the sugar cravings by taking a water bottle with you. If you forget, make purchasing a bottle of water the first thing you do on the grounds.

2. Take Digestive Enzymes

If you have a sensitive gut that causes you pain when you indulge on Stampede mini donuts, take a digestive enzyme first. You can find good quality ones at local health food stores like Community Natural Foods. Amber suggests looking for Enzymes with ingredients like papaya and pineapple that will help to calm down inflammation.

3. Eat Slowly and Enjoy the Food

Another thing that can cause suffering on the grounds is feeling the need to eat everything you see all at once. Amber recommends putting intention into what you’re going to eat. If you’re going to indulge, choose your indulgence before you go, then ensure you make time to relax and truly savour the food.

4. Bring Snacks and Eat Before You Go

The best way to prevent over-indulging on sugar and junk on the grounds is to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Eat before you go and bring a few healthy snacks along with you in your purse to avoid a blood sugar crash if you find yourself stuck in a long line.

5. Get Sleep

Again, it’s worth mentioning. Getting proper sleep as much as possible before, during and after Stampede will help you feel so much better, and it’ll help your body digest all those Stampede foods (and drinks!) you just can’t resist trying.

For more on staying healthy and eating well, visit


About Amber:

Amber Romaniuk is a Holistic Nutritionist, Speaker and leading expert on healthy eating and overcoming self-sabotage with food. Through corporate workshops, media appearances, her new Shaw TV show “Fresh Health with Amber Approved and her own “Amber Approved” digital magazine and cookbook, she is committed to globally changing the way people eat and promoting healthy lifestyles that support energy, mood balance and personal happiness.

Amber combines her training and her own experience of food addiction, digestive issues, body image, weight loss & management to support others trying to make massive life transformations. She works privately with women & men, high level entrepreneurs and those committed to overcoming emotional eating and self-sabotage so they are free to create the success they desire in the world.

Check out her website at

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