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AREPA BOSS: A First for Calgarians


Exciting news, Calgary! We are stoked to spread the word about Arepa Boss, our city’s first ever Venezuelan Food Truck serving the traditional dish of Arepa (pronounced: “Ah-Ray-Pa”)!

Your first question is probably: “What is Arepa?” Well, quoted directly from the Arepa Boss site (linked above), it is none other than “A delicious Gluten Free corn dough pocket stuffed with a selection of BBQ sausage, chicken, beans, cheese…” (did anyone else just become hungry??)

They also serve vegetarian options!

Here’s a photo for reference:

About Arepa Boss:

Now that we know how mouthwatering the food is, let’s talk about the business itself. This Venezuelan Food Truck business was launched on April 23, 2017, by two savvy friends.  Xavier Rabasso, a native Venezuelan, and Leah Sobering, a born-and-raised Canadian, decided to combine their unique cultures and upbringings into a thriving business. Since its beginning, Arepa Boss has been bringing remarkable food, culture, and energy onto the streets of Calgary.

Here’s their story: 


Who is the real Boss? The only way to find out is by paying Arepa Boss a visit! Thankfully, you’re in luck. Beginning this week they will set up in town at the following locations/times.

The When & Where:

Vintage Redefined – Acadia Recreation Center 240 90 Ave SE, Calgary:

Friday, May 25th 5pm-9pm

Saturday, May 26th 10am-5pm

Spirit and Soul Spring Fair Glamorgan Community Centre:

Sunday, May 27th 10am-4:30pm

Westjet 22 Aerial Pl NE:

Tuesday May 29th 11am-1pm


For a full schedule, check this out:

To keep up to date with Arepa, download the Street Food Calgary App, or check out the web page:

We’re loving this Boss theme!

Giving Back

As you may have read above in Arepa’s Story, like many other Calgarian businesses, they are passionate about giving back to the city! Arepa Boss is currently partnered with project P.A.L (Prevent A Litter) – a local charity helping people and animals in need. Leah and Xavier had always loved animals, so when it came time to choose a charity to give back to, it was only natural that they went for this one.

Help them support and advocate for as many animals as possible by dropping by their truck! Arepa donates a portion of all its sales to P.A.L.

Delicious food, and supports adorable animals? What more could a business offer?


See you there, and bring your friends and family!

Join us in showing our support for Arepa Boss this spring & summer! If you want to get a headstart on the menu, here it is:

Arepa’s socials are listed below:




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