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The day I spent sampling food on the Calgary Stampede Midway

Meet Darren. He’s a volunteer Calgary Stampede Midway food sampler. Yep. You heard that right. He’s volunteered to put as much midway food in his gut as he can in one day, judge it on taste, presentation and whether he’d recommend it or not, then do it again the next day, for five days. I’m…

Practical tips for Calgary Stampede party goers from us at Stmpdr

Tips for making sure you don’t get caught with your pants down, you’re forgiven, you get home ok and you don’t crash and burn. Have cash on hand $100 or $200 should work. Keep a few transit passes A book of 10 costs $30 and they’re super slim. Get them at convenience and grocery stores….

stmpdr: Your Stampede Week Buddy

stmpdr fills the “what’s happening during Stampede Week” void and we’re glad you along for the ride. What is it about Stampede Week in Calgary that gets us just jacked, energized and ready to party? Maybe because it’s the one time of year that Calgary loosens up and truly enjoys itself. Sure, Sled Island, Folk…