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Beer & Pie at the Toolshed Brewing Company

#YYCBeerWeek has now sadly come to an end. For 7 days, Calgarians enjoyed festivities, culture, and events- all celebrating beer. As beer fanatics ourselves, we couldn’t have been more stoked to partner with @beerguysyyc, who facilitated the week’s activities.

An event that we found especially exciting was the Beer & Pie Pairing Event, hosted by Calgary’s Toolshed Brewing Co.

This event featured the marriage of pie and beer. From the point of view of an attendee, this combo was absolutely genius! Personally, I never would have thought to accompany the classic refreshing taste of beer with a homely slice of pie. But after attending this event, I can confirm the two are perfect complements.

One of many nifty signs!

A huge aspect of the event was the venue itself. Toolshed Brewing Co. is a relatively new start-up in Calgary, and the atmosphere is truly unique. In fact, the entire venue is an experience in itself. As you may have guessed from the name, Toolshed brews its own beer. The building, located in NE Calgary, contains a bar, lounge area, stage and gathering area, and a brewery. Each component of the place has a special vibe. Whether you’re going for cozy or refreshing, Toolshed is the place to be at. Its large gathering space is perfect for big groups, its bar is great for dates or small hangouts, and if you want to see how the beer is made, you can simply look over your shoulder at the open brewery.

Below is a photo of their classic beer- delicious! (and you can catch a glimpse of the lovely atmosphere in the background)

Another perk of the place is that often, there are food trucks parked outside! We enjoyed a hearty bison burger with our beer.

Of course, our Toolshed experience was made even more memorable by the exceptional staff. With people so friendly and welcoming, it’s basically impossible not to have a good time.

If you’re wondering where the pie component of the event came from, it was all baked by hand by a Calgary-based pie company called Pie Junkie. Pie Junkie Bakery and Cafe, formally known as “the Pie Hole”, is Calgary’s only proper sweet and savoury pie shop. And boy are their pies delicious!

Featured below are a few pies they made for the event:

Thank you to the wonderful people who worked hard to create such a remarkable event!

To learn more about Toolshed Brewing Co., Pie Junkie, and #YYCBeerWeek + BeerGuysYYC, check out the following links:

Cheers, Everyone!