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The Story Behind this Limited Edition Hat

‘Cowboy hat’ [Kou-boi hat], noun – The essential accessory to complete any Stampede outfit. From symbolizing Western hospitality to defining the North American cowboy, Smithbilt Hat’s Inc. has been providing Calgarians with the highest quality hats while cementing its legacy as the creator of the iconic Calgary White Hat.

So what makes this white hat different? The answer lies in the story behind the red band and feather.










In 2017, Sam, an 8-year old boy with signs and symptoms that puzzled the medical community for 6 years, finally received his diagnosis. Known as Relapsing Encephalopathy with Cerebellar Ataxia (RECA), Sam lives with this genetic disease so rare that only four other people in the world share this condition.

Witnessing Sam’s daily struggle with motor coordination and muscle control has inspired Dave Proctor — a multiple record holding ultramarathoner, fellow Albertan, but most importantly Sam’s father — to launch the Outrun Rare campaign to increase awareness and raise research money for rare disease affecting 1 in 12 Canadians. Taking on what most would never even dream of accomplishing, Dave is set for a 7,200 km run across Canada spanning 9 provinces in 66 days with an incredible average of 108 km/day.

Dave will embark on his legendary journey on June 27, 2018 from Victoria, BC and continue until reaching St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador 66 days later. With a goal to raise $1 million in support of the Rare Disease Foundation, Dave has partnered with Smithbilt Hat’s Inc. to create 2 special edition hats. All proceeds from the Outrun Rare Bangora and Outrun Rare Canvas Cattleman will go towards Dave’s cross Canada run. Step up your Stampede 2018 game by purchasing one of these hats while supporting an amazing cause! 

Even better, Friday, July 6 (Stampede Parade Day!) marks the date on which Dave will be sprinting through Calgary. Arriving between 12 – 12:30 PM at Edworthy Park, keep an eye out for Dave in his custom Smithbilt hat and show your support for Sam, Dave, and the Rare Disease Foundation by wearing your matching Outrun Rare hat!

Embrace Calgary’s Western hospitality by ordering this limited edition hat to cheer on Dave in his epic journey to help Sam and others living with rare disease.

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