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Best People Watching at the Grounds

Sometimes, the best thing to do at the Calgary Stampede is people watching. Come on, you have to admit it, you LOVE to people-watch as much as the next person. So where to do it? We know!



Located just past the north west entrance, Weadickville – aptly named after the co-founder of the Calgary Stampede, Guy Weadick – is a great place to grab a bite to eat, relax under the canopies of trees and regroup, which makes it the perfect spot to people watch.

Indian Village

Indian Village
This place is usually a great area to chill out with friends and not worry about the hustle and bustle of the midway. Definitely a good spot to people-watch.

Smoke Alley

Smoke-Alley (AKA Triple B)
Triple B Cookhouse on the grounds has creating something of a destination. The smoke rising from the grills is like an enticing waft of sweet smoked deliciousness begging for our salivating mouths and wallet. The Smoke Alley, right beside Triple B, is loaded with people chomping down on Stampede Food and makes for great people watching.


The Swings
This may sound unusual, but we love hanging out at the Swings. Hearing the yells, watching the faces and spotting a couple of love-birds holding hands makes for the best, low-key people watching on the Stampede Grounds.

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