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Fun Facts About Bull Riding

This week PBR hosted the 2014 Renegades Bullbustin event at Ranchmans and the Stmpdr team felt inspired to share a few tidbits on the strange and unusual sport that we call Bull Riding. Now for most people, bull riding is associated with either a) that Luke Perry movie called 8 Seconds or b) a flashback to watching the drunkest girl in the bar ride a mechanical bull, getting tossed and cajoled in every direction as her skirt rides up well past her boobs. Today we’re here to set the record straight on this adrenalin junky nut bustin’ ritual.

bull 2

4 Fun Facts:

  1. If you do your research (which might equate to reading 2/3rds of a Wikipedia article) you’ll learn that bull riding can be traced back to the Minoan culture that existed like 1500 years before Jesus. We’re not entirely sure what that would have looked like but we’re guessing it would have involved a couple of naked ass cavemen grunting and sweating as they tried to hang on to some giant bull.….So really not a lot has changed in 3500 years.
  1. The PBR site lists some of the toughest bulls that have ever been ridden in competition and their names include: Bushwacker, I’m A Gangsta, Smackdown, Superduty and the Quiet Riot (we were secretly hoping for names with a bit more intensity like Horns on Meth or The Free Vasectomy).
  1. As you might assume, cowboys don’t just ride bulls out of interest’s sake. There’s actually a great deal of prize money to be made. Several years ago, champions were making upwards of 11 million per competition and that number is probably a lot more in 2014.
  1. Flank Strap? So despite the fact that you see bulls shooting out of those pens at 100 miles an hour looking more hot and bothered than your mother during The Change, these bulls aren’t naturally this angry. It’s actually a little thing called a flank strap that’s behind all that crazy bucking action. Not to get too detailed but imagine if someone tied a rope around your nether regions and hopped on for a piggyback. You’d probably be mad too.

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