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That was fun, now we cleanse

Well, Stampede 2017 was a blast and we just about survived unscathed (how’s your liver treating you?). And as we say goodbye we’re reminded there are so many dope things going on year round, it wont be long to the next big event. Until then though it’s back to the grind and time get our lives back into check. That means eating better, drinking less and maybe going for a workout. Here are a few ways to help get your sh!t back together:
  1. Cleanse with a daily fix of Jusu Bar YYC – Juice to fill your body with some of the good stuff
  2. Get some exercise, break a sweat not related to the outdoor heat or picking up your next date,  and hit up the spin studio. Check out our good friends @YYCcycle for times
  3. Try taking your frustrations out by hitting the bags at Rumbleboxing at
  4. Get your stretch on and sweat those oxidants out of your system with some hot yoga try out HotShop
  5. Eat better! Skip the fast food line and hit up your local grocery store, or for convenience try Made Foods or for delivery options or pre made options for pick up.
  6. Skip the train and bike to work. Better still, take in a nearby hike.
  7. If all else fails, go to church and beg for forgiveness.

See y’all soon!

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