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How Stampede & FIFA are practically the same

rodeo-biosGenerally during Stampede most every watering hole lends itself to the ‘Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth’. TV’s have the various rodeo events and much anticipated Chuckwagon Races on, allowing patrons to enjoy a cold one AND keep up to snuff on what’s happening on the grounds.


Well this year one of the world’s biggest sporting events is occurring during the same time –FIFA. We want to ensure that you can wow the boots off anyone you may saunter up to the bar to chat with. So we’ve created a list of ways that FIFA and STAMPEDE are PRACTICALLY THE SAME.



It’s the official beer of both events! Did you know that despite an 11 – year government ban on the sale of alcohol in Brazilian football stadiums, Budweiser is available on the World Cup grounds throughout the entire tournament? For the Stampede we all know the two go hand in hand like bacon and, um well, everything.



They light up the sky with sparkle and colour. They explode with an appealing crisp bang and that’s got to be why both events have these late night spectacles in the sky. Stampede has them every evening during its 10 days and FIFA has several shows during its run.



It takes a lot of people to execute these events.

FIFA has approximately 15,000 people who will be working in activities directly linked to the hosting of the events or at the stadiums. The Stampede has 47 volunteer committees and more than 2,300 volunteers whose time, energy and leadership help ensure this event is one of the best.



It’s almost expected that people toss aside their regular personas and clothing in exchange for more costumes, ‘er ‘appropriate’ threads. It allows people to become a part of the game and ensure no one mistakes them for a visitor. Obviously, all Calgarians are true cowboys.



Speed and power are important in both events, which inadvertently leads to some well chiseled athletes.

Case in point





Rodeo -It takes a lot of balls to jump on top of a 1600 pound beast.

Soccer –they spend the entire game chasing and kicking a ball.

There are a lot of balls at both.

soccer balls

Katy Bond
Katy Bond
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