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How to: Survive Stampede in the Rain

Get out of the rain at Calgary Stampede

The one problem that we have with hosting ‘ The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’ is just that. It’s outdoors. And sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate, and by the looks of it this year might be especially rainy. If you do have to be outside – first things first. Be prepared. Wear your straw hat instead of your felt hat, the straw material will repel the water and you won’t look like a soggy mess after 10 minutes of rain. Protect your boots, make sure to treat them with a water repellant or protectant to keep that leather soft and supple once it dries. Whenever possible, keep a poncho with you, a clear one works best to protect you from rain and to show off your stampede gear underneath. And, ladies, waterproof mascara wouldn’t be the worst choice over the next few days.

If being outside and wet for the next week doesn’t appeal to you. Explore inside Calgary’s best clubs, pubs and other hotspots. A few suggestions:

Eat at Native Tongues

Amazing brunch on Saturday and Sundays (until 3:00pm) and $2.50 tacos on Tuesdays (today). This is the place to be for authentic Mexican cuisine. And, get the donut and then eat the donut.

Spend the Afternoon at the Glenbow Museum

It’s been around for 50 years and still acts as a main cultural hub in our city. With a focus on Western Canadian art and culture, this contemporary museum is a must see while you are meandering downtown this week. See their current exhibitions here

Go Bowling at National on 10th

Eat, drink and play all at one spot. From a rooftop patio to a full blown bowling club in the basement, National on 10th avenue has literally all your party needs in one spot.


Sip fancy cocktails at Milk Tiger

A Calgarian favourite and an original gangster of our cocktail scene, this little gem is a home away from home. You’ll drink great cocktails and hang out with great people, what more can you ask for?


Get inside a tent – the infamous Stampede staples

Find a tent! These are the pop up gems that only come around once a year to accommodate the thousands of people flocking to our city and all of the corporate parties Calgary’s heart desires. Check out Cowboy’s Calgary and Wildhorse for all events and shows this week!

It's already getting wild in here! Night 3 – let's go Calgary!

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Win money at Cowboys Casino

Rated one of the best casinos in Canada, get out of the rain and hit the jackpot at the Cowboy’s Casino.


Drink beer at the Ship and Anchor

A Calgary staple in every sense – drink beer and party with the regulars at The Ship and Anchor pub on 17th ave. Plus every year they have a free pancake breakfast at Midnight, which is happening July 13th this year. Get em while they are hot, literally!

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Find a coffee spot to nurture your hangover

The most instagram worthy coffee you can find with your boots on.  Grab a spot at Analog to people watch on 17th ave or hit up Monogram’s new spot on 5th ave to get your caffeine fix.



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Rita Michaud
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