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Ladies: here’s your stmpdr guide to the men of Stampede

Let’s face it, whether you love-to-hate or hate-to-love the Stampede, there’s something to be said about men in cowboy boots, plaid, and the proverbial cowboy hat. Here’s the stmpdr navigation system to help you through the varieties of men that seem to crop up over the course of Stampede week:

The Out of Towner

Whether part of the show or simply in the city to enjoy it, The Out of Towner can bring his own pleasures.. erm.. delights.  He’s here and gone within a matter of days which can mean one or two (..or three) nights of fun.  Zero commitment, just contentment.  No baggage.


The Lawyer-by-day, Lassoer-by-night

They burst out onto the streets, rip open their suits and suddenly all corporate woes are lost in a sea of Wranglers.  They’ve found a slight twang and there’s a slower gait to their step.  Sure they could regale you with their nine to five triumphs, but Stampede is their time to try on a new persona (and attire) so just go with it.


The Buckwild

First Stampede, shirt off, Jack Daniels gear, raucously drunk and they probably have a Wildhorse/Cowboys/Roadhouse sticker on. ‘Nuff said.


The Beer Branded Brah

Their plaid shirt is a paint-by-number version, the numbers being their muscles, which of course have to be stressing the seams at all times.  Since they can’t be bothered to find a proper cowboy hat, they settle for straw often endorsed by a beer company, because hell, why not, it was free.  And the cherry on top – mirrored aviators.


Lastly, every woman’s Stampede fantasy..

THE Cowboy

He looks like he’ll throw you around without so much as breaking a sweat – wrangling is his sport of choice you know.  He’s the epitome of Stampede sexiness with a knee weakening grin beneath his haven’t-shaved-for-days scruff because he just doesn’t give a damn.  Not for the faint of heart, you’ve been warned.

Cowboy throwing lasso

And as always when playing, stay safe.  Happy Stampeding!



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