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Ladies: Let’s do this.

There is less than a month to go before Calgary’s best party kicks into high gear. Chances are you’ll be donning your short shorts and two stepping with more than a few cowboys (yes!). Work your way through a few items on our checklist and you’ll be saddling up to that cute cowboy in no time.

Work those legs, lift that butt

Stampede means short skirts and even shorter shorts. Work those legs and booty between now and July 4 by heading to the barre (read: only water available). Barre takes the best of pilates, ballet, and yoga to give you a killer workout that will lengthen and strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and leave you with confidence for days. Bonus: barre classes also incorporate upper body moves for a most fabulous set of guns.

Photo from Barre Body Studio

Check out barre at these Calgary studios:

Barre Body Studio, 1202-20 avenue SE

The Dailey Method, 420, 7337 Macleod Trail

Fresh faced, smooth skin

There’s a lot of kick ass things about becoming an adult, like never having to ask your parents permission to do anything ever again (EVER!). What does suck is dealing with the fact that your skin needs a little nudge to keep it looking its best once you enter adulthood. Skoah offers quick (20 minute) and  less-quick (45-75 minute) customized facials ($40-$115) in Kensington or Chinook. Or head down to Sante Spa for a body scrub that will leave you feeling soft and smooth. Trust us: there are worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Out fashion the competition

Stampede is going haute couture thanks to Paul Hardy and CS Mercantile. Stand out in a crowd of plaid and jeans with a piece from one of Calgary’s most fabulous local designers. (Read more here.)


Rad bitches drink whiskey

While beer may be the default drink during Stampede, consider giving whiskey a try. No idea what the difference is between rye, bourbon, and scotch? We’re lucky to have some amazingly talented and passionate bartenders in Calgary. Start your education early by visiting Neila @ Ox and Angela, Brad @ Divino, Jimmy @ TeatroStephen @ Bourbon Room, or Travis @ AVEC. There are very few downsides to this kind of continuing ed.

Krista Rondeau
Researcher by day, whiskey lover by night. Had a recent conversion to country music thanks to Nashville. Committed to finding a Stampede outfit that doesn't require pants.