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Songza Playlists for Stampede 2014

With Stampede 2014 only ten days away (TEN DAYS!!!!!!!), here’s a list of the best Songza playlists to put you in the mood (as if you weren’t already, I know).


GNO (Girl’s Night Out)

These contemporary country ladies know how to party!

image (1)


Hillbilly Body Building

Work out like a real cowboy.



Happy Hour Country

If you’re in a country bar, this is what it ought to sound like.  They don’t call it happy hour for nothing.

image (3)


Kiss My Country Ass

Feel like raising hell tonight?  Throw this on and prepare to get drunk and disorderly.

image (2)


Country’s New Crop

You might not know them yet, catch them before they’re superstars.

image (4)


Cowboy Tailgate

Infectious country rock songs sure to get all the Cowgirls shaking their hips.

image (5)


Cowgirl Kiss-offs

This one’s for the cowgirls who’ve been done dirty by their former cowboy.

image (10)


The World of Johnny Cash

All country music orbits Johnny Cash.

image (12)


Hello Hangover

Classic country drinkin’ songs from the old school to the new crew.

image (11)


Country Morning

To refresh from that hangover we gave you above.

image (13)


Now go give the neighbours some earplugs and enjoy!

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