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Spotify Playlists to Gear You up for Stampede 2016

The Calgary Stampede is nearly here! Here’s a list of the best Spotify playlists to put you in the mood and get you geared up for the biggest 10 days of the year.

Canadian Country

Show your national pride with this Spotify-curated list of great Canadian Country acts.

Girl’s Night Out

Time to get dolled up and read to go!

Spotlight on Country

They don’t call it Country-hour for nothing.

Beach Country (yes there is such a thing)

Feeling like chilling out on the beach with a few friends? This is the playlist for you.

Blue Rodeo

No matter what, it seems these legendary rockers are scheduled to play sometime during the Stampede. So why not now!?

Get Away From It All Chill

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. For that we recommend the Chill Hits playlist.

Everything Taylor Swift

Get your “Taylor Swift” vibes on with this selection of top curated tracks dedicated to the pop star and alike.

The World of Johnny Cash

All country music orbits Johnny Cash.

There you have it. Did we miss any gooders? Let us know.

We're letting you know what's going on during the Calgary Stampede and sharing some pretty cool stuff at the same time.