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Calgary Stampede for LGBTQ

The Calgary Stampede has strong, old-time roots in Calgary. There’s a ton to do. From trying the latest and greatest in concession (um, I need that magical looking Crazy Cone situation in my hands immediately) to taking in the Chucks, you’re bound to have all 10 days jam packed. But the question recently came to us: what LGBTQ-specific events does the Calgary Stampede boast? We dove in. (Just as we will do we will do when we find the Crazy Cone.)

Crazy Cone “Freshly made hollowed corn tubes, filled with brain-freezing soft serve ice cream.” See: “AH-MAZING.”

1. Get wild at Twisted Element

Twisted is one of Calgary’s most well-known LGBTQ bars. Though they haven’t yet launched their Stampede 2015 nightly line up, it is sure to be a hot spot this Stampede. Put on some plaid; dig out those jorts… And get ready to save a horse.


2. Unofficial (but kind of official) Stampede Gay Day

A group of good ol’ Stampede-loving Calgary boys stated Gay Day a few years ago and the event continues to grow each year. It’s a great way to enjoy new friends, meet amazing people, and take on Stampede with a storm.

On July 4th between 12:30 and 2:00PM, everyone will assemble at Nashville North. It’s bound to be a good time. The Facebook group boasts nearly 700 invitees, and states, “Invite as many gay or gay-friendly friends as you can. Come in and stay as long as you still stand!”

Gay Day Facebook

3. Canadian Rockies International Rodeo and Music Festival

Alright, so not technically Stampede, it is a great way to kick it off! The event is happening June 26-28 and is ran by the Alberta Gay Rodeo Association.

“They have some amazing talent performing this year including Tim Hicks, Leann Rimes and George Canyon. Some of them are then performing at the Stampede the week after.” – Steve Polyak, Gay Calgary Magazine


4. And the most gay-friendly one…

All the things that you enjoy doing during Stampede that straight people do… Because we are part of an incredible city of accepting, genuine, supportive Calgarians who all just want to have a good time!

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See you in 2 weeks, Calgary!

Mirissa Kampf
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