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Stmpdr Sneak-a-Peek Kegger July 6th

Kick off Stampede 2017 in true Calgary fashion with a couple of drinks from local Calgary craft breweries, unlimited meatballs, live music and awesome friends. Join Stmpdr and Beer Guys YYC on the rooftop of  the new Prohibition Freehouse in Kensington to raise a pint to the greatest 10 days in Calgary. We’ll also be raising some serious dough for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation with proceeds from tickets sales PLUS a sweet auction loaded with brewery tours and other goodies.

All for $25.


And just when you thought “why the hell would I want to go to this even though it’s so bloody cheap”? Ever wanted to see a Calgary Stampeder rock it out? Quinn Smith will be hitting the open air stage (you heard that right) with his air guitar (ok, it’s a real guitar) and sweet vocals sure to make you wonder why he ever took up playing football (even though he’s really good at that too).

Amy Hef is also on the bill. Yep – THAT Amy Hef. Currently living in L.A. to write and record and have play dates with SoCal celebs, Amy has risen to the top of the local female rock scene with huge hits and summer anthems. You will WANT to be here for this.

Steel and Timber – A three-piece acoustic, up tempo, folky, rootsy, slightly dirty, good time band (straight from their Facebook Page!). Check them out. 

Finishing it all off – A little EDM to spin your ears into a sultry delight with DJ HRT BRK late into the night. It’ll be the perfect finish to a meatball-filled day of awesomeness. Follow us for announcements.


See you on July 6th.


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