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stmpdr Survival Guide

Calgary’s craziest party is just weeks away and to ensure you have the MOST FUN POSSIBLE, stmpdr has created a short list of things that you will absolutely need to survive the country saloons, long lines and liquor fueled experience that we know as The Calgary Stampede.

Here’s our checklist of things that will make 2014 a Stampede to remember:


cowgirl_pinup_w141. A tolerance

There are some things that money can’t buy and this is one of those things that you should be building up weeks in advance. Like training your body for a marathon, you should be hitting the patios throughout June in order to acquire a strong constitution for shooting Jack Daniels, drinking beer in the heat of the day and handling white wine spritzers like a pro.

2. A phone charger

Chances are good that you won’t be spending much time at home or at the office so make sure you’re packing a charger to avoid those oh so painful situations of carrying around a dead cell phone and missing out on capturing a good time. In an attempt to cater to cell phone users more and more events have charging stations so it shouldn’t be hard to find a place to plug in.


3.   A game plan

Like any good soldier going into battle you need to have a concise plan of attack. This Stampede make sure you’ve got the Car2go app to make getting around and parking easier, the Find my iPhone app for those slippery evenings at Cowboys and of course the stmpdr mobile site on your homescreen to get the latest and greatest news on the best pancake breakfast, the loudest concerts, wildest tents and the hot spots to be seen.

4. A Stampede emergency kit.

Swap out those Band-Aids and gauze for water, some extra strength Advil, condoms, wet wipes and some Tums to contend with the deep fried snacks that you’ll find throughout the grounds. This is a great way to make friends!


5. A sweet western outfit.

Start practicing your swagger now because this is your time to shine! Tassels, fringe, turquoise and flashy western wear are not only welcome but encouraged. Having a great outfit will make you stand out from the crowd, make you easy to spot if you loose your people and can be a fantastic conversation starter.


We're letting you know what's going on during the Calgary Stampede and sharing some pretty cool stuff at the same time.