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The five best midway rides

The Stampede offers up bizarre menu items for the adventurous foodies and eye-popping chuckwagon and rodeo competitions for those wanting to watch the adventure; But for other thrill-seekers, the Stampede offers over 60 rides suitable for the whole family! Over here at Stmpdr we had the daunting task of testing out various rides to determine which rides you can have the most fun on while strapped in!

Stmpdr brings you… the five best rides of Stampede (in my opinion of course!)

1. The Mega Drop – If you ever want to know how it feels to have your heart in your chest (literally) than this ride is for you. A 130 ft. drop in two seconds will give you the thrill you have been looking for!

2. The Swings – I know what you’re thinking, “What? The Swings? Isn’t that for kids?”, but the swings are actually a lot of fun and quite romantic if you are taking a special someone to the Grounds.

3. The Ferris Wheel – It isn’t fast and it is nothing special – well, except for the spectacular views of the Grounds and of downtown Calgary! It is definitely a must ride – just to witness the beauty of the city! I recommend going on just as the sun goes down.

4. The Skyscraper – The mother of all rides! The tallest of them all at the Stampede is reserved for those seeking extra thrill for $40 a ride! Well worth it if you love heights, spinning, speed and amazing views!

5. The Remix – Spin and heights. If you don’t favour either of these than avoid at all costs. If you are looking for that adrenaline rush, get in line now!

There are only two days left of Stampede! Make sure to get down to the midway and spin until your belly hurts!


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