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William Shatner -An out of this world Stampede Parade Marshal

William Shatner is set to boldly lead the Calgary Stampede Parade this year on July, 4 as the official Parade Marshal. Canada’s speed skating heros Gilmore Junio and Denny Morrison will be honorary Marshals in recognition of their unique story of Olympic camaraderie earlier this year at Sochi.

Obviously we TOTALLY love this. Not only is Shatner a Canadian icon, he’s a pop culture legend, and all round bad-ass dude.

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In celebration and preparation of this we thought we’d give you some Shatner trivia. **Use at your own discretion.

  • He classically trained as a Shakespearean actor and performed at the Shakespearean Stratford Festival of Canada.
  • His favorite episode of Star Trek was entitled “The Devil in the Dark.”
  • Shatner was a regular celebrity guest on The $20,000 Pyramid in the 1970s. This ended when he accidentally gave a guest an “illegal” clue, causing them to forfeit their winnings and Shatner to throw a chair on set
  • In 2004 Shatner photographed playmate Deanna Brooks for Playboy magazine
  • He has a 360-acre horse farm in Kentucky where he raises American Saddlebreds
  • Shatner is a big supporter of therapeutic horseback riding
  • He launched his spoken word career in 1968 with an album called The Transformed Man
  • He is active on Twitter @WilliamShatner, and signs off most of his tweets “My Best, Bill”


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