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#YYCBIKE Culture Goes Into High Gear

Recent years has seen a huge expansion of the YYC Bike culture in the city. New pathways, downtown lanes, bike racks and more now line the city streets and parks and more cyclists join the movement every day.


Welcome to the Calgary Stampede Bike Valet
Welcome to the Calgary Stampede Bike Valet at Olympic Gate


In the last 2 years, the Calgary Stampede wanted to find new ways to accommodate the cyclists who want to come down but were worried for theft or vandalism. Enter Do It Green, the eco-event company that specializes in healthy water stations and near zero waste stampede breakfasts.

Open 10am-10pm every day of Stampede, they’ve seen hundreds of bikes be turned in at their Olympic, Erlton and Macdonald stations surrounding Stampede Park. Each station is manned by a Do It Green volunteer, who watches over the bikes, keeps them dry and even alerts the owner in case of emergency. A free service provided by Do It Green and the Calgary Stampede, it’s a welcome addition to the YYC Bike culture.

Working in conjunction with Portable Electric and Open Streets YYC, they’ve started to educate and show the possibilities of a powered event without needing to burn diesel engines as well. At the Olympic station, one of the special Portable Electric batteries is prepared to be charged by pedal and solar power, with enough power to charge not only cell phones (with special cell phone charge stations are available at the Olympic and Macdonald stations).

Cell Phones Powered by Pedal Powered Portable Electric Batteries & Open Streets YYC Bikes
Cell Phones Powered by Pedal Powered Portable Electric Batteries & Open Streets YYC Bikesc and Macdonald Bike Valet stations), but even thirsty power suckers as outdoor speakers and fans.

In the meantime, the program itself has grown from the initial two stations last year to three this year, with the new batteries a demonstration on how Green technologies has progressed and can be better applied to green the Calgary Stampede even further. Input is always welcome by Do It Green with new ideas on how to improve access for bikes, better ways to process them and add new services to highlight the local green industry. After all as demonstrated by DIG and their partners, there’s other options than diesel power generators and driving to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, and Do It Green with the Calgary Stampede plan get it better each year.


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